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The Empire strikes back

2021-05-28 sport
What our game has become

We’re on the brink of giving the Champions’ League trophy, this time in Oporto. Also, this time a club made by a tycoon will receive it. One of which even paid to compete. That’s how UEFA sees fair-play: those who don’t earn enough to compensate their expenses must pay, spending even more, to compete. Those who can’t pay must sell their young values for a dime, putting them in the carrousel of one of football’s vultures. Those who can spend don’t have any problems with fair-play: they pay whatever necessary, ever reaching the final.

Of course, in the commotion caused by the greedy Superleague, UEFA isn’t a saint. They are the Empire, corrupt, thirsty for power, using the sport as a factory for money. As their reactions clearly showed. After all, this is the “sport” that has a prize of “agent of the year”…

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